Death in profile


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I found this book on Twitter or rather the author found me. He had read a tweet that I wrote about crime writer Fred Vargas. He wondered if I was interested in his new book Death in Profile which he thought I would like.

In this book the police are investigating a serial killer in Hampstead London. When there´s a fifth murder DCI Tom Allen is lifted from the investigation and DS Collinson is  taking over the case. An essential part in this story is the use of a crime profiler who help the police to narrow the numbers of supects.

I have something in common with this author I think. He seems to like authors from “The golden age” in Britain. Writers such as Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham and Dorothy Sayers. The last one plays an important role in this book as the fiction in Sayers books are compared with the ongoing investigations.

Guy Fraser-Sampson also makes references to the Swedish authors Sjöwall-Wahlöö. He claims in the book, and also on his FB-account that these writers are not that well-known in Britain as we Swedes like to think. I am not the only one who thinks that the books written by these authors mark the beginning of the new Swedish crime literature that is now so successful all around the world. I need only to mention the Stieg Larsson books.

I love this book and I am looking forward to read more of this writer. It says in the book “first volume of the Hampstead Murders” which sounds promising. I guess there will be a second and hopefully more in the serie.


Ha piovuto la notte scorsa. 16 millimetri. E ‘molto buono!E ‘anche bene che la Svezia ha vinto contro il Sudafrica nel Calcio.E ‘stato ieri, quando le Olimpiadi di Rio è iniziata.

I was happy this morning realizing that we got 16 mm rain last night. We haven´t had that much rain for several weeks. It was much needed.

Last night the Sweden had a good start in  the Olympics when the ladies football team won over South Africa.

Det var en positiv överraskning i morse när jag kollade regnmätaren. Vi har fått 16  mm under natten och det var välbehövligt. Eftersom jag är pensionär så har jag möjlighet att följa OS-sändningarna under nätterna och sova på dan. Så kommer det nog inte bli men jag kanske ställer klockan några gånger när det är svenskar i elden. Om jag har förstått rätt så kommer alla Sarah Sjöströms simlopp ske nattetid och dom skulle vara kul att följa. Igår var det dags för första svenska insatsen och även om det kändes darrigt så vann damerna till slut över Sydafrika i fotboll.

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