Almost antique

Margery Allingham,1904-1966, is a British  writer. Her first crime novel was The White Cottage Mystery written in 1928. She lived at the same time as Agatha Christie and she is one of the authors in the “golden age”. I have seven of her books in my bookshelf including the “Crime at Black Dudley” which was her first book where her most well-known figure Albert Campion appears for the first time..

I have bought The White Cottage Mystery as an e-book. I found in Ibooks store.

För den som gillar gamla deckarklassiker rekommenderar jag Margery Allinghams böcker som hör till samma tidsålder som Agtaha Christie. Jag vet inte om alla har översatts till svenska men de allra flesta som det verkar.


17 aug allingham


18 aug 1.jpg



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