American crime fiction

Lo scrittore statunitense Craig Rice è uno dei miei preferiti. I suoi libri sono disponibili in traduzione italiana anche

En av mina absoluta deckarförfavoriter är författarinnan Craig Rice. Det är böcker med humor och spänning. Jag har flera i min boksamling men inte denna som jag idag har köpt som e-bok på Apple Ibooks store.

Craig Rice, Georgiana Rice, was an American crime writer born 1908, dead 1957. I started reading crime fiction when I was a teenager (actually a couple of years before that). One reason was that  my aunt Elsa Mossner (Carlstedt) and her husband translated English and American books to Swedish and gifts at Christmas and birthdays were often such book. At first to my parents and then also to me.

They translated some of Agatha Christies books but the ones I remember the most are those of Craig Rice. The books are full of actions and humor. This book is from 1948 and I was happy to find it att Apple Ibooks store as an e-book. I might have read it but it´s not in my book collection.


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