Bob Dylan changes his mind

After a long time Dylan has announced that he accepts the Nobel Prize in literature and that he will come to Stockholm if it’s possible. I think he’s childish and arrogant but he is a great poet and well deserves the prize. 


Bob Dylan, l’utente accetta di ricevere il premio Nobel per la letteratura. Egli è infantile e arrogante, ma un grande poeta


Bob Dylan har brutit tystnaden och meddelar nu att han accepterar Nobelpriset i litteratur   Han är en medelmåttig sångare men en stor poet som förtjänar priset även om han har uppträtt barnsligt och arrogant 

7 thoughts on “Bob Dylan changes his mind

  1. I agree with childish and not so much about a GREAT poet, a poet with amounts of greatness at times….so a poet non the less but not a Great Poet.

    It is my belief that in this day and age, this particular poem/song is one of the saddest written in that era. No times changed….at least not for the better; the rebels we were; morphed into the woosies we have become. ~~dru~~

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