The president

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1 In less than 24 hours we will know who’s the next President of the USA. There’s been many important leaders of the nation in the past. One of them is Thomas Jefferson who was the Founding Father and the principal author of The Declaration of Independence (4th of July 1776) Jefferson was the president 1801-1809. 

2 Domani, sappiamo chi sarà il presidente degli Stati Uniti. Chi viene scelto come numero 45. Un presidente storicamente importante è stato Thomas Jefferson.Lui è uno di quelli che ha scritto” Declaration of Independenca”

3 Om mindre än ett dygn vet vi vem blir USA:s 45 president. En av de allra viktigaste presidenterna i historien var Thomas Jefferson som styrde landet 1801-1809. Han var också en av dem som upprättade “Declaration of Independence” den 4 juli 1776 

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