Frutti di Mare

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1  I Love Pasta “Frutti di Mare” Today I tried that in a newly opened restaurant in my hometown. It tasted really good!

2  Ho mangiato la pasta frutti de mare in un nuovo ristorante nella mia città. 

3  Idag åt jag en skaldjurspasta i den nya saluhallen i Karlstad. Det smakade riktig gott!

12 thoughts on “Frutti di Mare

  1. The picture and the presentation is WONDERFUL and i feel a small gnawing in my entrails….could be the Indian Food of last night but I think it is the picture of this morning. HOWEVER, is that anchovies is see there in the midst? If not I apologize for my “too soon to judge” attitude.

    If so for my palette it should have just been quickly dragged through the pasta and not left on the plate, just given to the kitchen catz. ~~dru~~

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