1 In English. 2 In Italiano 3 På Svenska
1 We are going by train to Stockholm today to visit our daughter and her family. Swedish trains 🚂 used to be very reliable but due to lack of maintenance there are often delays. The politicians are responsible and it will take decades to make it right 😖

We often go by train in Italy and it works very well. 
2 Quando siamo in Italia andiamo spesso i treni. I servizi del treno che funzionano molto bene. In Svezia, questo funziona male. La ferrovia è tenuto male. 

Oggi siamo ancora il treno per Stoccolma
3 Idag tar vi tåget till Stockholm för att besöka dottern med familj. Barnbarnet har halsfluss och vi ska stötta lite är det tänkt. Billiga biljetter eftersom vi är pensionärer och har köpt “sista minuten”. 

I Italien fungerar tågen mycket bättre än här!

10 thoughts on “Train/Treno/Tåg

  1. We’re used to delays here in Italy, so it’s really a question of how long the delays are. Up to 15/20 minutes doesn’t faze us. Besides, we always look up to northern European countries that are meant to be efficient 🙂

    1. Sweden used to be efficient but neglected maintaining for many years. It’s not about 15-20 minutes delay. Trains have stopped for hours leaving passengers freezing since electricity stops functioning

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