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In Sweden children are using smartphones from an early age. 50 % of the children 7-8 years have their own mobile phone and 25 % of the children age 5 have an IPad or similar. Our granddaughter (5) has her own IPad but no IPhone yet. 

She sometimes borrows my phone. She already beats me playing games and she is learning quickly. I can hand over the phone and she’s using my password. I never thought her that but she has been watching me do it. Last time I was curious what she was up to and she told me she was deleting apps that she is no longer use. Scary isn’t it?


La nostra nipote ha 5 anni. Si può usare il Mio IPhone e IPad . Lei è brava ad usare le nuove  tecnologia. In Svezia, il 50% di tutti i bambini 7-8 anni proprio telefono. 


Hälften av alla svenska barn i ålder 7-8 år har en egen mobiltelefon. Vårt barnbarn som är 5 år brukar låna min IPhone. Hon kan logga in själv. Jag har inte gett henne mitt lösenord eller min pinkod men hon har kikat över min axel när jag har loggat in. 

Senast hon använde den undrade jag vad hon höll på med. Hon svarade att hon höll på att ta bort appar som var för gamla. Det verkar som hon höll sig till spel-och underhållningsprogram men lite orolig blev jag. Finns ju en liten risk att andra appar åker med. 

6 thoughts on “Children/ Bambini/Barn

  1. My daughter is now 31 years old. When she was little she played with Lego and with the pets we hade to home. His first handphone and computer she had only at 15, when she went to school in another village. She loves to read paper books, but now she works with the new means of communication: she is social media manager and digital strategist.

    1. My children are a little bit older and when they grow up it was all about reading books. I know that my granddaughter also read books so it’s a matter of balancing. Not easy but important I think

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