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We have not abounded the idea to go to Orvieto next time we visit Italy. But we also look at another alternative. If there’s one place we want to revisit it is Venice. We plan to stay in Padua which is a city we always wanted to see and then make day tours to Venice and other places.


Potremmo andare a Orvieto in Italia nel maggio. Una possibilità è che altrimenti andiamo a Padova


Vi har inte övergett tanken på att bo i Orvieto nästa gång vi reser till Italien men vi tittar också på ett annat alternativ. Vi har inget emot se Venedig igen. Förra gången bodde vi Treviso och gjorde dagsturer till Venedig med tåg. Nu tänker vi oss samma upplägg men med den skillnaden att bor i Padua istället. 

7 thoughts on “Padua

  1. it’s a great plan 🙂 did you ever thought about taking some Italian language courses there? it’s always a great chance to deepen your knowledge on it 😛 best regards! PedroL

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