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Saint  / Santi / Helgon


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The 13t:th of January it’s a Swedish tradition to  throw out the Christmas tree and put all the other stuff in boxes to remain there until next Christmas. 


Oggi Natale “finisce” in Svezia Salutiamo anche Knut Lavad che è stato canonizzato. 

Tjugondag Knut dansas julen ut… Eftersom vi har varit förkylda känns det som vill vänta med att slänga ut granen nån vecka till. 

Jag kollade lite varför vi uppmärksammar  Knut idag. Knut (eller egentligen Knud) var en dansk prins som sedermera helgonförklarades. 


Author: gunnardeckare

Jag skriver om deckare, trädgård, natur och våra resor till framförallt Italien/I write about crime fiction, garden, nature and travels to Italy and other countries/ Scrivo di libri gialli e sui nostri viaggi in Italia

3 thoughts on “Saint  / Santi / Helgon

  1. Knud/Knut plays an important role in Norfolk, UK … 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    Another Christmas Tradition that extends the Christmas Season. I’M ALL FOR IT! And this year it falls on Friday the 13th for me, another favorite day of mine. Thanx for the info Gunnar. ~~dru~~

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